Coaching Integrity.

Today’s leaders are faced with the exponential challenges of holding the paradox of their personal ambitions and the pressure to constantly improve performance. Exceptional performance for individuals and teams can be attributed to a single, transformative and regenerative element: Integrity.

Leadership in concert with integrity is a way of simultaneously holding an authentic public and private stance in work and in life; where the two meet is where the integral leader lives. It is this space that leaders and their teams inhabit that requires truth-telling, safety, structure, and communication mastery.

Knowing that language is the vehicle for meaningful communication, I place a strong emphasis on artful and effective linguistics. My work guides leaders into their natural state of integrity between their beliefs and behaviors.

All of my work over the last 20+ years as a executive and team coach, teacher, training, and speaker, ultimately boils down to one promise: I help leaders to perform with integrity.

Helping Leaders Perform with Integrity
David Matthew Prior: Performance Coaching
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